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Anti-Termite Baiting System

These invaders eat up our trees, our homes and our public heritage. Afraid of the light, they hide away and work out of sight.

Hardy Henry Services Ltee, exclusive representative and distributor of SENTRI * TECH Anti-Termite Baiting System offers a revolutionary termite extermination technique.

Developed by Dow Agro Science laboratories in France, this method eliminates termites and has no risks for the environment. Innovative and reliable, this worldwide known technique has proven its effectiveness for the past 20 years.

How does it work?

Invisible and Relentless Foe

Hundreds of thousands, or even millions of termites could be in your home right now.

Termites cause great damage to wooden buildings as they feed on them. The bad news being that they never stop feeding and that they never stop seeking new sources of cellulose. It can be stumps, fallen trees…or your home! The truth about termites is that you seldom realize they are present until the colony has become so large that damage becomes obvious.


Termites’ infestation and its consequences on the condition of buildings constitute a real danger to the sustainability of your heritage.

The situation is not really about how many termites you found at home, but rather how many termites found YOU! Investing in a really effective solution on the long run is the only solution to protect your home and your heritage from this scourge.

In the United States and in France, more than 1 million houses and public buildings have been successfully treated by Sentri * tech. In Mauritius, all the main hotels, as well as public, private, and historical buildings such as the Reduit Castle are treated by us using this amazing system.

Close Protection and Certified techniques

To eliminate termites, the SENTRI*TECH system uses a formulation made of an active ingredient, hexaflumuron, which is totally harmless to humans and animals, and with a low environmental impact.

Sentri*Tech is a CTB-P+ certified product. This quality certification guarantees the effectiveness and safety of the product.

Performed by our qualified technical teams, the treatment is contracted through clear quotes, precisely defining the areas to be protected and the guarantees. The respect and follow up of the terms and conditions set up in the contract ensures the achievement of a high quality of work while site visit records relates the history of the treated areas.

Your Business

Are you looking for a professional, safe and efficient way to get rid of termites? These destroying insects can cause a lot of harm to your building and even its loss. Find out more about our tailor made pest control solutions for businesses here.