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These annoying flying insects always find a way to bite you, especially at dawn or dusk during their feeding time. And what do they feed on? Your blood! They are usually found near still water, where they breed and their larvae develop. These will develop from eggs to adults in just six to ten days, where they will fly out of the water, looking for someone to bite and then reproduce again. Any area or container where water collects and remains for a period of time becomes a potential breeding place for these nasty insects: old tires, rain barrels, streams, ponds, ditches, woodland pools, outdoor tubs, unused swimming pools, tree holes, flower pots, or vases.

Associated risks to mosquito bites

The main thing about mosquitoes is that, when they are flying around, biting you, they can get really annoying. Spending the evening outdoors, or just on your balcony, can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t have any protection against them.

More seriously, mosquitoes are known to carry and transmit diseases and viruses such as Chikungunya & Dengue. The itchiness that follows a bite causes much discomfort, and will be more painful for young children or for those experiencing repeated bites. Some people can experience acute allergic reactions to mosquito bites or skin infections due to the scratching.

Consequences of Mosquito Presence

Mosquito eggs are very hardy and manage to live under almost all conditions. In warmer regions, breeding occurs all year round.

If the breeding is not stopped, mosquitoes will quickly take over your home and your business. In the case of businesses, the last thing your customers are looking for is to be bitten on your premises. It’s bad for your reputation, it’s a nuisance for your staff, and it can damage your reputation.

Some prevention tips include trying some natural repellents such as citronella and not leaving standing water anywhere in or around the premises or, in case of water tanks, covering the tank with a well-fitted lid may prevent breeding.

Expert Control

Mosquito Control improves human comfort from this nuisance, protects public health by reducing the risk of spreading diseases, and brings economic benefits to your business through good reputation and mosquito-free experience for your customers.

We are experts in the mosquitoes’ habits. Our extensive knowledge allows us to provide your home and your business with the most appropriate and targeted treatments and solutions to efficiently get rid of mosquitoes.

After a site survey of your premises, we will offer the best solution for you. In order to get rid of adult mosquitoes and larvae, different treatments and techniques such as fogging and misting may be applied. Our mosquitoes experts will carry out regular inspections of the breeding sites and these will be constantly controlled and destroyed.

Safe and Internationally Approved Products

All products used in the operations are safe and internationally approved for domestic and public environmental health. All chemicals Rodenticides /Insecticides are World Health Organisation Pesticide Evaluation Scheme and Dangerous chemical control board approved and safe to be used.

Your Business

Are you looking for a professional, safe and efficient way to get rid of Mosquitoes? Don’t let them cause prejudice to your business and to your clients’ and employees’ health and safety. Find out more about our Pest Control solutions for businesses here.