A comprehensive approach to protecting the food handling industry.

Our Rentokil-designed Pest Management program is a common sense approach to control and eradicate pests in the food handling and food production industry. This program has been customised to this industry to meet their compliance needs towards external quality standard (HACCP, GMP, ISO 9000,etc) and to back them in maintaining their accreditation successfully year after year.

This comprehensive strategy focuses on long-term prevention of pests or their damage using the latest pest control techniques. These techniques anticipate and prevent pest activity and infestation by combining several strategies, including checking, monitoring, and reporting, to achieve long-term pest control solutions for ants, cockroaches and rodents.

A Successful Pest Management Program includes:

  • Accurate pest identification – For an inclusive and effective program, different pests must be targeted depending on the time of year and pest reproduction cycles.
  • Treatment that begins at the source of the pest infestations and continues in the areas where pests nest.
  • Thorough inspections and treatments by trained professionals.
  • Identification of entry points and proactive recommendations on proofing action plan to help you keep your premises in optimum condition.

Partnership between customers and Hardy Henry Services

  • Professional evaluation on current cleaning practices and further advice on how to reduce pest infestation by cutting off food source, water and shelter.
  • Scheduled service, including after hours and weekends, for maximum discretion and convenience.
  • Documentation and support to fulfill all the Legal and Health requirements.
  • Record keeping – Essential for a thorough knowledge of the behaviour of targeted pests.
  • Partnership with you to maintain consistent alignment on implementing strategies and action plans.


Hardy Henry Services Ltée professional help is a must to protect your business, your reputation, your brand and your employees’ and clients’ health and safety. Get in touch to find out more about our Integrated Pest Management Program.