What is Fumigation and what is it used for?

Fumigation is the most effective and maybe the only available control measure to get rid of pests in places where they can’t be reached directly with insecticidal sprays or dusts, or cannot be encouraged to emerge from large stacks to feed on rodenticidal baits. The fumigants exist as gas and are molecules in air. They should therefore not be mistaken as smokes, which are particles in air, or mists, which are liquid droplets. Because they are gases, they penetrate everywhere and kill pests living inside commodities and machines that can’t be reached by any other pest control solution.

The processes of fumigation

The process of fumigation is the creation of a sealed gas-tight environment structure into which a concentration of the fumigant will be held at a suitable temperature and for an appropriate  amount of time to kill the invisible pests within this sealed area. These conditions, when achieved correctly, effectively controls and kills the pests at all developmental stages and in adult form. When the treatment is completed, and after the fumigant has been safely ventilated, no residual effect remains.

The different types of Fumigation

Our fumigation services include the fumigation of places, machines and furniture where the only way to get rid of the pests present will be by using this process. They include:

  • Freight containers
  • Rice and Flour Mills
  • Warehouses and any other large spaces
  • Food production machines
  • Large stacks and silos
  • Household goods
  • Furniture
  • Commodities under sheets in stacks, grain stores
  • Timber storage
  • Ships
  • And many more.

Expert Control

The Fumigants used for fumigation processes are chemicals that should be cautiously handled and used ONLY by trained and skilled professionals.

At Hardy Henry Services Ltée, our fumigation teams of technicians have been trained by Rentokil to meet international standards and are all qualified for the types of fumigation they undertake.

All products used in the operations are safe and internationally approved for domestic and public environmental health. All chemicals are World Health Organisation Pesticide Evaluation Scheme and Dangerous chemical control board approved and safe to be used.

Your Business

Are you looking for a professional, safe and certified company to proceed to fumigation within your Business? Whether it is stack, commodity or container fumigation, we are equipped and skilled to carry on these different fumigation processes. Find out more about our tailor made Pest Control Solutions for businesses here.