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The presence of flies and other flying insects within your agri-food business or your restaurant, may cause a very negative picture of your establishment. Beyond this negative image, flies in particular are carriers of a number of diseases, bacteria and microbes that will have a direct impact on your customers, and could even lead to the closure of your business.

The bacteria present in the air and specially in places widely frequented are the cause of spread of many infectious diseases. Purification of the air in the businesses of the Hospitality sector or in industries such as fish factories, slaughterhouses and food production in general, is vital to protect the health of employees, customers and visitors.

We are the specialists in Hygiene and Pest Control in Mauritius and in the Indian ocean. As such, we have selected a wide range of devices intended for professionals of different industries in order to support their willingness to treat, sanitise and freshen their premises according to the qualitative standards of HACCP.

High Tech equipment supporting your sanitary standards

Electronic Flying Insects Control Units Starkey DS215, Jaguar 30, Cheetah 60:

Our equipment for the treatment and control of flying insects have been carefully selected according to their efficiency, simple use and simplified maintenance. Their unique encapsulation technology combined with adhesives panels effectively eliminates any infestation of your environment.

Starkey DS215 :

  • Special « Black light » fluorescent light tubes.
  • Double sided for wall mounting or chain suspension.
  • High voltage grids.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Safe for children and pets.

Jaguar 30

  • High Quality UV Tubes for increased attraction of flying insects.
  • Quick and simple glue board and tube replacement system.
  • Free standing unit option for tabletops etc.

Cheetah 60

  • High quality UV tubes for increased attraction of flying insects.
  • Quick and simple glue board and tube replacement system.

Odour control – Starkeys ODA-RID

Our air cleaners improve air quality by filtering it and eliminate bad smells. Despite the fact that it is most commonly used in agri-food industries, its action of elimination of bacteria is also famous in community hospitals, nurseries, and all places where there is a high presence of toxic residues in the air.

Starkeys ODA-RID is an ultra-violet lamp that can be installed on a permanent or temporary basis. The unique combination of ultra-violet radiation and ozone in this air purifier will considerably reduce  the airborne bacteria both in the air and on surfaces.

  • Deodorising and infection control system using activated oxygen. ((O2 +O)
  • Operational use: 24 hours per day
  • Area covered: up to 40 cubic metres

Expert Control

Our professional teams are here to back you up in your fight for high sanitary standards and to protect the health of your employees. We provide you with installation, maintenance and monitoring of the equipment for flying insects and odour control within your company.

Your Business

Don’t let Flying Insects cause prejudice to your businesses’ reputation and to your clients’ and employees’ health and safety. We provide Professional, Safe and Efficient solutions to our clients. You can find out more about our Pest Control Services for businesses here.