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Bird problems

If birds decided to nest on your building’s roof, your balcony and your veranda, you should be very careful as they can quickly become invasive, and disrupt your life or your professional activity. In fact, birds can nest almost anywhere, and usually move closer to human activity, in search of food.

Some birds such as pigeons for example, live in groups of up to 100: a small bird problem may therefore become an uncontrollable situation. Furthermore, birds are animals that like routine – the longer they nest in a specific area, the more difficult it will be to make them move from it.

Associated risks to bird presence

Birds’ presence in buildings and houses are a real nuisance for the house owners and the businesses. Most of them nest in close surroundings of the building or even inside it as they get inside through the roof’s openings. Birds are known for:

  • Diseases: Birds carry several diseases such as salmonella, avian and bacteria such as flu and E. coli that may cause gastro-enteritis and septicaemia.
  • Parasites: Birds also carry lice, ticks and fleas. They invade places where the birds are present. The birds’ lice feed on blood, but can also bite man.
  • Acid droppings: The acid droppings of birds are one of the main causes f buildings and vehicles deterioration.
  • Aggressiveness: In some cases, birds can become aggressive. When it comes to protecting their nests for example.
  • Birds Nests: Nests debris and scattered feathers can block gutters, evacuation systems and air conditioning units.
  • Risks of accidents: Related to bird droppings when the floors become slippery.

Signs of birds’ infestation

If not controlled on time, a bird infestation will cause enormous material and health damages. Their presence will hurt the health of the people living or working in the infested premises who might even be attacked by the birds! Signs to consider to prevent an infestation are:

  • Feathers and nests debris on the ground.
  • Continuous cries of birds and nestlings.
  • Birds’ droppings in the places where they usually sit or land.

Professional Bird Prevention and control

In case of infestation, a professional bird control service is necessary to limit the health risks associated to their presence and to ensure your building against any degradation. Our avian specialists master the birds’ life habits. We offer ethical protection systems to our clients and effective solutions to repel the birds without putting their lives in danger.

Depending on the situation and the level of infestation, we propose deterrence systems using nets, peaks, springs, acoustic pressure, light reflectors as well as other repellents.

Your Business

Don’t let birds cause any harm to your business. We provide professional, safe and efficient Bird Control Solutions to our clients. Find out more about our Pest control solutions for businesses here.