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Bed bugs: one of your worst nightmares

Even if bed bugs have not been shown to transmit any disease, getting bites and knowing that your home is infested is very distressing and frustrating. As for the bites, each person’s body reacts differently and in some cases they can become sore and itchy and lead to a painful skin rash. It is important to note that bed bugs don’t make any difference between clean and dirty homes; the only thing they look for is a food source, people’s blood. This is the reason why they are found where people tend to rest and sleep, hence the name bed bug.

To get a bed bug infestation, you will need to have come into direct contact with them as a result of staying in infested accommodation. They are usually brought into a home carried on clothing, or in luggage or furniture. There has been a recent resurgence of bed bugs in homes and it is widely thought that this is related to a global increase in international travel (bed bugs are known to travel in luggage or clothing).

We understand that if you have bed bugs in your house, the only thing on your mind will be getting rid of them as quickly as possible.

Chemical-Free, Effective Control of Bed Bugs

Our Heat Treatment is a quick and effective treatment that eliminates bed bugs but also all types of pest insects through the controlled application of heat.
This one-of-a-kind, innovative and chemical-free treatment kills all stages of an insect’s lifecycle from egg to adult making it fast-acting, cost-effective way to manage pest infestations. It only requires a single treatment to solve an insect pest problem quickly with minimum disruption.
Our Heat remedy is a safe, chemical-free solution for use on all your intimate contact points, such as mattresses, pillows, clothing and furniture. Allowing treated items to be re-used directly afterwards, with no chemical residual side effects. This unique feature makes the Heat Treatment the preferred solution for a wide range of customers from care homes, hospitals, food processing facilities, hotels, bakeries and guest houses to residential properties.

How does it work?

  • Delivers and distributes heat safely and evenly within the contained, infested area or object until it reaches the desired temperature.
  • Eradicates pest insect by denaturing the protein within their bodies and causing dehydration.
  • Monitored remotely via a laptop, producing a computer-generated graph as proof of successful heat exposure for the required length of time.
  • Insect-infested items are heated to eradicate pests, but not at temperatures high enough to cause any damage to the infected area or object.

Expert Technique

The Heat Treatment is under the complete control of a fully trained technician throughout the entire process. This ensures 100% effective treatment on every occasion with a full proof of service report provided.

For further information on our Heat treatment or to discuss its suitability for your needs, please contact us.

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