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Your washroom reflects your businesses’ standards

As the leading provider of washroom products and services, we help businesses meet high standards of hygiene. We offer a complete range of washroom products and proactive services to help reduce the risks of cross-contamination and to protect the health of your employees. Providing a clean, cared for and well-equipped washroom in your premises also reassures your visitors, gives a positive view of your business and therefore protects your reputation.

Risks Associated With a Lack of Hygiene

  • Diseases and infections spread quickly if they are not considered. The consequences are an increase in absenteeism and low productivity.
  • Shared toilet bowls can be contaminated with faecal bacteria, which in turn cause very serious infections and diseases.
  • Wet hands attract bacteria like a magnet and become the ideal vector to transfer them from the toilet to other places on your premises. As a primary vector of cross-contamination, hand washing and drying are among the only ways to prevent many diseases, as well as their spread.
  • In the office, employees find that unwelcoming or poorly maintained toilets are a sign of a lack of interest from the employer for their wellbeing.
  • In retail, consumers spend less on establishments with unsatisfactory toilet hygiene. Some even decide not to come back, especially when accompanied by young children.
  • In schools, children are reluctant to go to the toilet if it is not clean, which can lead to a decline in their attention or even to health consequences.
  • In restaurants, a customer will immediately associate the hygiene state of the toilets with the hygiene level in the kitchen.

Our Washroom Hygiene Products

We provide a full range of washroom hygiene products suitable to any washroom environment from hand washing and drying solutions to urinal and toilets sanitisers along with a selection of air fresheners, sanitary bins, and hygiene solutions. Our products improve hygiene confidence and considerably reduce the risks of contamination.

  • Air Fresheners
    Offer your employees and visitors fragrances that eliminate unpleasant odours and create an attractive atmosphere.
  • Urinal Hygiene
    Enviro-Fresh is a complete system for the elimination of bad odours, bacteria, and possible obstructions for the urinal.
  • Jumbo Toilet paper dispenser
    Ideal for highly frequented spaces, our Jumbo toilet paper dispensers have a capacity of 150 m equivalent to 8 rolls of normal toilet paper.
  • Soap dispensers
    Our liquid or foam soap dispensers clean hands perfectly while avoiding leaks and drops of soap from traditional dispensers, thus significantly reducing the cost of soap and water.
  • Toilet seat sanitisers
    Cleans and destroys visible and invisible bacteria on toilet seats. These bacteria can cause infections such as urinary tract infections or gastroenteritis.
  • Hand Wiping Paper Dispensers
    Several models of hand wiping paper dispenser are available, including manual and No-Touch versions. These distributors are supplied with more than 150 metres of paper with great absorbent power.
  • Electric Hand Dryers
    A practical and cost-effective solution for drying hands. Motion sensors activate the air only when necessary.
  • Hand Sanitiser Dispensers
    With the hand sanitiser liquid dispenser, a few micro-sprays are enough to kill germs and viruses on the hands in less than 30 seconds.
  • Alcohol-free Hand Sanitiser Dispensers – UltraProtect™ Range
    UltraProtect™ hand sanitiser, in foam or gel form, is a revolutionary product for hygiene, its action is exceptionally persistent compared to other systems.
  • Feminine Hygiene Bins
    Available as Manual or No-Touch. Thanks to a contactless opening, our feminine hygiene bins are easy to use and allow impeccable professional hygiene.
  • Sanitary Bins
    Our paper waste bins for washrooms are stylish, functional and ensures the elegance and cleanliness of your sanitary space. Antibacterial surface for perfect hygiene and with a capacity of up to 35 litres.

Expert Service

Since the hygiene risks are different from one industry to another, we put our expertise at the service of our clients to support them in their hygiene challenge.

We start by conducting a hygiene survey of your washroom, and together we assess your needs according to the nature of your activity. As a result of this survey, we help you choose the best of our innovative and environmentally friendly services and products.

Our offer includes the rental and maintenance of equipment, as well as refills of professional hygiene products. Your budget is controlled and you have the guarantee of excellent service for the management of hygiene in your company.