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Your washroom reflects your businesses’ standards

The level of hygiene in your washroom is critical for the health and safety of your employees and visitors and to prevent the risks of contamination and spreading of germs. Did you know that bacteria can stay alive on your hands for more than 3 hours ? And that they grow best at a temperature of 37°C – our body temperature!

As the leading provider of washroom products and services, Hardy Henry Services Ltee helps businesses to meet high standards of hygiene. We offer a complete range of washroom products and proactive services to help reduce the risks of cross contamination and to protect the health of your employees. Providing a clean, cared for and well equipped washroom in your premises also reassures your visitors, gives a positive view of your business and therefore your reputation.

Risks associated to a lack of hygiene standards

Good hygiene standards are vital to people and businesses.
Illnesses and diseases can spread dramatically if not taken into consideration. The results are increased absenteeism and poor productivity

The fear of the toilet seat area

In washrooms, one of the major problem is transient bacteria on the toilet seat surface. Shared toilet seat can become contaminated with fecal bacteria, which, in turn will cause very serious infections.

Hands are bacteria magnets

Wet hands attract bacteria like a magnet quickly becoming the perfect platform for germs to be transferred from the washroom to other areas of your premises. As the number one vector for cross contamination, hands washing and hand drying is the only way to prevent causing and spreading of diseases .

Our Washroom Products

We provide a full range of washroom products suitable to any washroom environment from hand washing and drying solutions to urinal and toilets sanitizers along with a selection of air fresheners, sanitary bins, and hygiene solutions. Our products improve hygiene confidence and considerably reduce the risks of contamination.

  • Air Freshener
    Provide your employees and visitors with air fresheners to control and minimise unpleasant odours and create an appealing atmosphere when they are using your facilities.
  • Enviro-Fresh
    A urinal hygiene and washroom odour control system that deals with bad odours, bacterias, potential blockages and poor hygiene among other related issues.
  • Jumbo Toilet Papers dispenser
    Ideal for high traffic areas, our Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser have a capacity of 150 m or equal to 8 normal toilet paper roll.
  • Sanisoap
    Our Sanisoap units get hands perfectly clean without all the spills and drips of traditional soap dispensers, significantly reducing the expenses of soaps and water.
  • Calmic sanitizer
    Dispenses a chemical product at the end of each flush in urinals and toilets that eliminates existing contamination risks.
  • Toilet seat sanitizer
    Wipes out both visible and invisible bacteria from toilet seats killing bacteria and viruses which causes infections such as urinary tract infections or gastro-enteritis.
  • Centre feed paper
    Our Center feed paper dispenser, used for wiping hands, is loaded with 180 m white ply center feed roll sheet with incredible absorbency.
  • Hands dryer
    Practical and cost effective hand drying solution. Infrared motion sensors activate warm air only when needed.

Expert Control

Backing you up for your Hygiene Challenge

The hygiene risks and challenges in different industries and sectors being all very different, we put our expertise at our clients’ disposal to support them in their hygiene challenge.

We perform a free hygiene survey of your washroom, using professional tools to determine its cleanliness levels. Further to this survey, our team of experts advise you on the risks of poor hygiene within the washroom, and help you to choose the most adapted solution from our innovative and environmentally friendly products and services.

Our wide range of washroom products and services are suitable for all types of businesses and for premises both opened or closed to the public. Available through an all-inclusive rental and maintenance program, you are guaranteed a high level of service.