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Safe Management of Medical Waste

Trades and activities which are directly or indirectly connected to health care, deal with highly infectious medical waste. This critical waste must be managed in a professional and strict manner in order to avoid any kind of accident and spreading of diseases.

Hardy Henry Services Ltd is the exclusive and sole supplier of SHARPSGUARD® brand in Mauritius. This range of containers, dedicated to medical waste responds to strict certifications (AFNOR NF X 30-500, BS 7320 and ISO 9002). We provide you with this professional equipment and the necessary services for the management of any hazardous waste.

Our professional containers

In order to ensure safety and non-exposure to infections, there are different types of containers intended for specific waste. Our range of SHARPSGUARD® containers can collect medical waste such as sharps, needles, syringes as well as soft and liquid waste.

These containers are designed  to eliminate any kind exposure to blood or other infections vectors. They are extremely resistant to falls and perforations, completely sealed and feature a temporary and definitive closure system.

All containers contain a unique sanitising solution that eliminates all bacteria and odours.

Our Healthcare Waste Service

Our expert team manages completely your medical waste and advises you on the best-suited equipment for your health centre.

Our maintenance service and our regular and effective interventions ensure the hygiene and safety of your premises.  We collect and manage your containers until the incineration process.

Our healthcare waste management services extend to all sectors of activity affected by this type of waste such as:

  • Clinics.
  • Hospitals.
  • Pharmacies.
  • Laboratories.
  • Physician practices and medical offices.
  • Veterinary practices.
  • Health centres.
  • Centre for plastic surgery.
  • Tattoo parlours.