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Tackling the urinal odour issue at source

It is a universal truth, your washroom tells a lot about your company. It is no secret that customers and employees alike prefer to use toilets that smells fresh. Maintain a polished image by keeping your urinals absolutely spotless.

Facts which are no bathroom secrets

  • A clean washroom will foster positive feelings in your clients and staff, whereas malodours give a very negative image.
  • If you are in the hospitality or service industry, the cleanliness of your washroom can either make or break a customer service experience.
  • Clean washrooms can lead to happier customers.

Fresh Solutions

Enviro-Fresh, our complete and environmentally friendly urinal hygiene and odour control system works proactively to help you keep your urinals efficient, clean and bacteria-free. It is inserted in the urinal waste outlet and attacks washroom odour at the source.

Urinal hygiene is optimum with continuous protection from uric scale and bacteria. The sleeve works effectively in reduced water situations.


Enviro-Fresh is the perfect solution to solve common washroom problems:

  • Bad Odours & Bacteria
  • Potential Blockages
  • Poor Hygiene
  • High Water Usage
  • Harmful Cleaning Chemicals


Water savings and water management

Enviro-Fresh is easy to install and maintained. It is battery operated and requires no hand wiring. It also supplies a timed water management system to ensure the sleeve is most effective.

This ecological product is fully recyclable and uses bio- enzyme technology. With the Enviro-Fresh Water Management System, you can contribute to saving as much as 302,000 litres of water per year, as flushing can be reduced down to 4 and 8 times a day.

Expert Control

At Hardy Henry, we do believe that the cleanliness of your restroom has an impact on your company. This is the reason why, when it comes to keeping your urinals spotless, we mean business. Through our maintenance service, you are assured of clean urinals all day long.