The environment trusts us

We strongly believe in the preservation of Nature. Our positioning line “ L’Environnement nous fait confiance “ has been chosen in regards to our aim to contribute to the protection of the environment. We achieve this vision through favoured eco-friendly products and the implementation of new working habits within our company.

L’Environnement nous fait confiance

  • In 2015, the implementation of new working methods, combined with mobile and digital technology have allowed us to eliminate more than 60,000 paper prints per year. Our company is determined to continue in this same direction and new practices are constantly being implemented in each department with always the same vision of protecting the environment and reducing waste.
  • Each of our products is carefully selected according to not only its efficiency and quality, but also to its impact on the environment and its ecological certifications by renowned international standards. These certifications are present  in the description of our products and services.